The following comprehensive tables of Netscape default color values tables are based on the memo below from Netscape. Hake Internet Projects developed these pages as a tool for subscribers and visitors because we found no similar resource on the Web. Netscape's 216 default colors (the "color cube") are displayed in six tables of 36 colors each. If you want optimal appearance on monitors running at "256 colors," you should use these Netscape default colors ONLY. In the tables below, the RGB (red, green, blue) values for each color are displayed twice, in a decimal and then a hexadecimal version. The "hex" version is what you need to use for HTML code specifying colors for background, text, link, visited link, and active link colors. For other uses, such as creating or editing graphics in a graphics program, you may need to use the decimal or hex version, depending on the particular application program you are using. The parallel decimal and "hex" RGB codes are provided below as a convenience.

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Netscape Navigator's color palette on Windows
Technical note: 10117
Created: 11/06/95 by Brian
Product: Netscape Navigator
Operating system: Microsoft Windows

Netscape Navigator uses a 216-color palette (a 6x6x6 color cube) on Microsoft Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95, and NT when your system is running in 8-bit color mode (256 colors on screen). The value for each element of the color -- red, green, and blue -- will always be one of these:

0	51	102	153	204	255	(decimal)

00	33	66	99	cc	ff	(hexadecimal)

Therefore, if you only use the following color values in the images on your web pages, they will display cleanly for people who are using Netscape Navigator on Windows to view your pages. If you use any colors that are not in the following list, then Netscape Navigator on Windows will dither them, sometimes with not very pretty results.

Table 1 · Table 2 · Table 3 · Table 4 · Table 5 · Table 6

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