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Jerry Garcia

Sunday August 13, 1995
Golden Gate Park Polo Field, San Francisco CA
Jerry Garcia Memorial Gathering
Thanks to Joe Melloy for this photo.

Date: Wed, 30 Aug 95 14:22:09 PDT 
From: (Jeff Lester) 
To: dead-heads@nemesis.Berkeley.EDU, dead-flames@nemesis.Berkeley.EDU 
Subject: AP Coroner's Report 
Sender: dead-heads-dist@nemesis.Berkeley.EDU 
Coroner: Jerry Garcia's Heart Just Gave Out        
SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (AP) _ Jerry Garcia's heart simply gave out, the coroner has concluded.          The Grateful Dead leader had used heroin within days of his death at a rehab center Aug. 9, but that didn't contribute directly to his heart attack, Marin County coroner's investigator Gary Erickson said Tuesday. ``He was a 53-year-old man with hardening of the arteries,'' he said. ``This was a mechanical process.''Tests results indicate that the guitarist's most recent use of
heroin was ``likely from before the time'' he entered the rehabilitation facility.         Despite a diabetic coma in 1986 that damaged his heart, Garcia had a difficult time exercising and staying on a diet. He was admitted to a hospital in 1991 when he became exhausted.         Two of three arteries leading from Garcia's heart had been reduced to ``a pinpoint'' with 85 percent blockage, Erickson said. The third artery had 30 percent blockage. The Grateful Dead has been one of the nation's most popular concert acts for years, grossing more than $50 million in ticket sales last year. 

Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 11:51:39 -0700
From: kraitch@EECS.Berkeley.EDU (mark kraitchman)
To: dead-heads@nemesis.Berkeley.EDU
Subject: announce [Grateful Dead hotline 8/21/95]
Sender: dead-heads-dist@nemesis.Berkeley.EDU

Grateful Dead hotline message from the 8/21/95 update (kudos to 
Elspeth Cusack for the info).

To get a refund of money without getting the tickets back as
souvenirs, send the tickets with a self-addressed-stamped-envelope and
name of original purchaser to:

Grateful Dead Ticket Sales Refunds - Fall Tour
PO Box 9812
San Rafael CA 94912

To be received by 6 October.

After Labor Day, there will be instructions on how to get a refund
and get the tickets back as souvenirs. 

If you do not send back tickets, GDTS cannot keep the money. It will
be turned over to the state of California. To donate the money to the
Rex Foundation, they need a photocopy of the fronts of all tickets
and a signed letter asking for the donation to be made.

(Elspeth says "It is not clear if they want us to do this now or wait
till after the post-Labor Day instruction is issued.")

They apologize for having to send many Mail Orders back unopened marked
"return to sender. "

There is a special printing of Hunter's elegy for Jerry that will be
sent out with all refunds. If you want a copy and are not asking for
a refund, you can send a No 10 self-addrressed-stamped-envelope to

GDTS - Hunter Elegy
Po Box 2081
San Rafael CA 94912

At the end, the message states "This is hard time for all of us and
we are trying to do it right."

To: dead-heads@nemesis.Berkeley.EDU
Date:   Fri, 18 Aug 1995 17:51:22 -0400
From: (Eric Vandercar)
Subject: The Official Unofficial NYC Central Park Grassroots Gathering
Originator: (Eric Vandercar)
Sender: dead-heads-dist@nemesis.Berkeley.EDU

Date:  Saturday, August 19, 1995
Time:  (approx.) 1 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Place: NorthEast corner of the Great Lawn, Central Park, NYC, USA
How to find us:  Enter at 5th Avenue below 86th street and just
above the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  (See the <= in map below).
Follow the red ribbon & arrow path to the music tent with a tie-
dyed Grateful Dead flag a top a pole and music filling the air.
We're hoping to be setup where the (*) is in the map, but trust
the ribbons and your ears foremost.

What to bring :  Water, food, trash bags, blankets, frisbees, dogs,
hugs, and smiles, & anything else to get you / others thru the day. 

Music : There will be a modest stereo setup with 1 pair of speakers,
a DAT player and a portable CD player.  We also expect to have a bay
with RCA stereo "outs" available, so if you have self powered speakers
or a "boom box" that accepts stereo input, you may bring it along, but
you'll likley need your own power source and RCA<>RCA coonecting pairs.

Please don't litter, help each other out.  Simply make Jerry proud of us.
Please be respectful of the authorities, others in the park and my kind
friends (Josh, Gianmarco, etc) who will have put a lot of work into this.
As Jim Beno assumed, it is very cool to bring instruments, drums, etc.

To: dead-heads@nemesis.Berkeley.EDU
Date:   Fri, 18 Aug 1995 09:51:48 -0400
From: (Eric Vandercar)
Subject: ANNOUNCE: Unofficial NYC Central Park Grassroots Gathering

Let's join forces.  We have our plan in progress that
I was getting organized to announce.  Here's the scoop:

Starting at 1 pm and going on til ?
Enter the Park at 5th Ave just below 86th Street and
follow the path marked with red ribbons to a tie-dye
flag and a tent with music, friends and healing. And
thank our friend Josh for doing the setup/planning.

This is for us and we need it.  Bring water and warm
smiles and hugs and anything else to get you through
the day.  Clean up after yourself, be respectful and
friendly to the authorities. And make lotsa cool new
friends while saying hi to old ones.

Hope to see you all there.  peace love & music, eric

-> From majordom@IConNet.NET Fri Aug 18 03:26:40 1995
-> From: "James P. Beno" 

-> ANNOUNCE: Unofficial NYC Central Park Grassroots Gathering
-> A few peaceful deadheads are planning on meeting in central park this 
-> Saturday at the great lawn or strawberry fields (or wherever the planned 
-> official tribute occurs if the cancellation is repealed).
-> This will be just a gathering to talk, reflect, take comfort in each 
-> other, and give a sense of closure for east coast heads. If other people 
-> are also gathering in the park, other groups show up, or the cancelled 
-> tribute goes on, we'll converge.
-> The time is loose, all day, though from 4 to 8 p.m. would be a good 
-> time since that was when the official gathering was planned but was 
-> recently cancelled by the mayor of new york.
-> Email me for more information and to put yourself on a list that I'll try 
-> to update on such short notice ( Please, come clean and
-> peacefully, and don't do anything that would aggravate officials, 
-> police, etc, that might be around.
-> If anyone is interested in helping organize this quickly, please email 
-> me, especially if you know the nyc area and central park. Spread the word 
-> around to all your friends!
-> FYI, apparently the tribute planned for saturday (8/19) was cancelled 
-> friday by the mayor of new york city because they did not have $100,000 
-> to spend (apparently on police and such), and they feared drug use. This 
-> is just rumored, and is unconfirmed, and obviously and hopefully could 
-> change. Call 212-788-9600 to reach the mayor's office, press "1" for 
-> english, then "0" for a secretary, and politely state that you are 
-> opposed to the cancellation of the tribute show and would like to see it 
-> continue. She's keeping a tally of all such calls.
-> We feel that we don't need to spend any money to gather together for
-> support. We've done far more with much less in the past - we don't need
-> money. And we'll be coming clean, and peacefully, to remember Jerry. 
-> Remember, let's make Jerry proud of this. We have to continue sharing his 
-> spirit and his love. Let's not see anything Saturday that will remind us 
-> of this past tour and all it's troubles. We'll come with LOVE, PEACE, and 
-> with FRIENDS, and, if you can muster it, SMILES and HUGS... we have a 
-> reputation to carry on in Jerry's name... 
-> Jim Beno

Date: Tue, 15 Aug 95 10:15:34 PDT
From: (Jeff Lester)
To: dead-heads@nemesis.Berkeley.EDU
Subject: Fall Tour Cancellation

Forwarded from This article specifically talks about
the Boston Garden shows (since it's a Boston paper). Presumably the
other fall tour shows are in the same situation, cancelled and refund
information to come after August 21st.

-Jeff Lester
From: (Andrew LM Shalit)
Subject: Tour Cancellation Details
Date: 15 Aug 1995 16:19:23 GMT

>From the Boston Globe, by Steve Morse:

  The Grateful Dead agreed unanimously yesterday to cancel their fall tour
in the wake of Jerry Garcia's recent death.  That means the six Boston
Garden shows set for Sept. 13-19---the last rock shows scheduled before its
demolition---are now officially off.

  "Sorry, the Garden is going to have to fall down on its own," Dead
spokesman Dennis McNally said last night from San Fransisco, where the band
held a meeting to discuss future plans.

  There was, however, a note of optimism that emerged from the meeting,
said a source.  No one talked about dissolving the band, so Deadheads can
take hope about some kind of future lineup, though the configuration is
"radically up in the air."

  A method of refunds for the Garden shows will be announced after Aug. 21.
"The reason for the delay is simple," said McNally.  "Many Deadheads will
want to keep their tickets and will not want a refund.  But in that case,
the money by law will all go to the state of California---it won't go to
charity.  I don't think that's what Deadheads want.  So we need to wait
until the 21st and by then we'll identify a charity."

  Deadheads were urged to call the band's hotline after Aug. 21 for further
information:  201-744-7700 or 415-457-6388.

Date: Mon, 14 Aug 1995 10:38:18 -0700
From: kraitch@EECS.Berkeley.EDU (mark kraitchman)
To: dead-heads@nemesis.Berkeley.EDU
Subject: setlist [Sunday August 13, 1995]

What follows is mostly a setlist posted to by David
Gans (with a few embellishments).  If anybody has more complete
transcriptions of the speeches please share them.  Note the music was
previous recordings; except for the parade and drumming there was no
live music...  It is estimated that about 20,000 people were there.

Sunday August 13, 1995
Golden Gate Park Polo Field, San Francisco CA
Jerry Garcia Memorial Gathering

Mississippi Halfstep - Wake of the Flood
Dark Star - 4/27/69
Sugaree - Garcia
Dark Star->Spanish jam - 2/11/70
Dire Wolf - Reckoning
Lovelight - 2/28/69
Days Between - Spring tour 1994 composite
St. Stephen - unknown 1968
Terrapin - 9/3/77
Doin' That Rag - 3/2/69
Mason's Children - 12/28/69
I've Been All Around This World - Bear's Choice
Good Lovin' - 4/10/71
jam (in Dark Star) - 9/19/70

        The parade featured two of the large heads that have appeared at
many of the "holiday" shows at Oakland, dragons, a Dixieland band played on 
a flatbed truck, drummers in a New Orleans funeral procession.  The
procession ened at a little stage above a shrine for Jerry.  People
that initially went on the stage included members of the band,
Babatunde Olatunji, Paul Kantner, Zakir Hussain, Pete and Sheila

CEREMONY speakers in order:
Babatunde Olatunji
DDeborah Koons Garcia
  "...He died in his sleep with a smile on his face.  He was
working hard to purify himself, and we thought it was going to be for
a good long life but it was for another journey.  And he loved his
life.  He loved all of you.  And what I learned from Jerry was to open
my heart and live fully in the moment...
        ...What a great guy Jerry Garcia was, He would have loved
this. He is loving it."

Annabelle Garcia
        "We love each and every one of you because you put us through
college.  And we didn't have to work at Dairy Queen...
        ...I know that he's watching us all.  `Even though he's gone,
every single one of us has to keep it going."

Wavy Gravy 
        He read Hunter's "An Elegy for Jerry" and his own haiku.  "We
are experiencing 'Good Grief' Today!"

Bob Weir
        "...Take your heart, take you face, and reflect back some of
the joy that he gave you ... he filled this world full of clouds of
joy.   Just take a little bit of that and reflect it back up to him,
or wherever he is, just shine it back to him..."

Steve Parish

Mickey Hart
        " were the fuel that drove the bus...
        ... If the Grateful Dead did anything, we gave you the power.
You have the groove, you have the feeling. . . . You take it home and
do something with it. We didn't do this for nothing."

Phil Lesh
        "Jerry was a friend of mine.  He was my brother.  He was a
wounded warrior.  And now he's done with becoming.  Now he is being.
Jerry, God bless you.  Go with God.  I love you.  [to audience] And he
loved you  too.  And we love you.  Keep it coming..."

Bill Kreutzman

Paul Kantner
        He read the poem that he read at the Bill Graham Memorial
entitled for the "Good of All".

Vince Welnick
        "...when (I) first saw Jerry I thought I had just seen Santa
Claus... I still believe in Santa Claus."

John Perry Barlow
        Had one word to share with us - "love".

It's All Too Much->Iko Iko - 3/18/95
Beautiful jam->Dark Star - 2/18/71
Scary jam - 10/25/73
Alligator->Caution - 8/23/68
drums->space - 3/18/95
That's It for The Other One->New Potato Caboose->
Born Cross-Eyed->Spanish jam - 2/14/68
Death Don't Have No mercy - 9/29/89
Scarlet Begonias->Fire on the Mountain->Corrina->Matilda - 3/23/95
Believe It or Not - 7/17/88
jam->bass solo - 2/24/73
Ramble On Rose - Europe '72
Sugar Magnolia - 97/73
jam - 9/21/72
Morning Dew - Europe '72
The Wheel - Garcia
St. Stephen - Live Dead
Box of Rain - American Beauty
I Bid You Good Night - unknown 1968


Date: Sat, 12 Aug 95 19:56:13 -0800
From: Darren Hayes 
Mime-Version: 1.0
Subject: Event Announcement: Friends of Jerry Gather in Eugene, Oregon


A Memorial to Jerry

MONDAY - AUGUST 14, 1995
4 to 8 PM


Tentative Speakers;

Ken Kesey, Babbs, Nikki Scully

Downtown Deb with music from the Dead

Kesey's Bus "Further", etc.

Additional guests to be announced!

Donations, artwork and ideas accepted
for a memorial to Jerry Garcia
(to be placed at a site to be determined).

Contact: Jim Jensen (503) 344-4516
Email to Darren Hayes (

Date: Sat, 12 Aug 95 18:06:58 PDT
From: (Jeff Lester)
To: dead-heads@nemesis.Berkeley.EDU
Subject: Press Release
Sender: dead-heads-dist@nemesis.Berkeley.EDU

Forwarded from

From: (Jerry Pompili)
Subject: ******PRESS RELEASE******
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 1995 16:27:16 -0700

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                      August 12, 1995

      The City of San Francisco, Bill Graham Presents, and Grateful Dead
jointly wish to announce a memorial gathering in the memory of Jerry
Garcia tomorrow, 10 am to 3 pm, August 13, 1995, at the Polo Field, Golden
Gate Park.

      There will be no specific ceremony.  Instead, a large altar will be
erected at the Polo Field, and fans will be invited to leave a poem, light
a candle, or say a prayer to his memory.

      Said Cameron Sears, Manager for the Dead, "The band and its
immediate family had a funeral for Jerry yesterday, and it is our wish
that all Dead Heads have an equal opportunity to share their grief and
experience the mourning process together."

      It should be noted, however, that there will be NO live music and NO
appearances or performance by the Grateful Dead or any other musicians.  

      Golden Gate Park will be closed overnight; all vehicular access will
end at 10 pm Saturday night.  Overnight parking is prohibited; vehicles
left in the park will be ticketed and towed.  No Camping!   There will be
absolutely no access to the Polo Field or anywhere in the park until 7
a.m.  At that time, vehicular access will be limited to two entrances
only:  30th Ave. and Fulton and 48th Ave. and Lincoln Way.  At the  best
of times, the park has very limited parking; plan to walk, bike, or use
public transportation.

      We all loved him.  Tomorrow will be yet another opportunity for Dead
Heads in general and we of the City of San Francisco in particular to show
our respect and reverence for Jerry Garcia's memory.  San Franciscans know
how to do things right.  We look forward to showing the nation and the
world a joyful and peaceful gathering that honors Jerry and us all.

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