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Formerly known as Hake Internet Projects, LLC (HIP), this Web site has been online since 1995. The company provided Web site development and hosting, primarily for law firms, from late 1995 through the end of 1999, when its flagship project was sold and HIP was dissolved. Below is a listing of some of our projects, past and present. Thanks for visiting!


Hake & Schmitt
Immigration law firm focusing mainly on J-1 Hardship Waivers.


Immigration Lawyers on the Web (ILW.COM)
The Internet's premier immigration resource, and our flagship project. ILW was sold in December 1999.

The Rules of the Web
An article by Bruce and Gordon Hake.

Netscape C ol or Tables
Color swatches for the recommended 256 graphics colors.

Gordon Hake's W3 Writer
A Basic HTML Tutorial.

Bruce Hake's REXX Page
For authors of CGI scripts for Windows NT Web servers.

In Memoriam - Jerry Garcia
Posted on 8/9/95 by our late webmaster, Gordon, in tribute to the late great Jerome John Garcia.

Gordon W. Hake, beloved Chairman, Webmaster, partner, and brother, died July 18, 1997. Here is our Memorial to Gordon.

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