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Past Issues

  • Issue 1, November 3, 1995
    • "How Much Can You Get On A Web Page?"
    • "8 Ways To Get Results From Your Web Site"
    • Book Review of Guerrilla Marketing Online, by Jay Conrad Levinson and Charles Rubin
  • Issue 2, November 20, 1995
    • How to Attract Visitors to Your Web Site
  • Issue 3, December 4, 1995
    • How to Shop For a Local Internet Service Provider to Host Your Organization's Web Pages
  • Issue 4, January 3, 1996
    • Does Your Business Need a Custom Domain Name?
    • Case Study in Web Marketing: Sierra Digital Communications, Inc.
  • Issue 5, January 22, 1996
    • The Marketing Potential of Web Site Forms
    • The Aroma of Rich Coffee
  • Issue 6, February 8, 1996
    • What's the Purpose of Your Web Site?
    • Does Your Company Need Its Own Web Server Computer?
  • Issue 7, February 21, 1996
    • Why in the World Should Anyone Come to Your Web Site?
    • A Small Business Model, by Hank Heath
  • Issue 8, March 5, 1996
    • Multiple Doors of Entry
  • Issue 9, March 19, 1996
    • Outgrowing a Simple Order Form, or How to Know Whether You Need a Shopping Cart Program?
    • Should You Locate Your Store in a Mall?
  • Issue 10, April 1, 1996
    • Can Small Office, Home Office (SOHO) Entrepreneurs Really Compete with Big Corporations on the Web?
    • Web Tales: Part I -- To Be or Not to Be on the Web
  • Issue 11, April 15, 1996
    • Give Something Away, Sell Something
    • Web Tales. Part II: Contracting for Web Pages at a Distance
  • Issue 12, April 27, 1996
    • Niche Marketing on the Web
    • How Many On-Line?
    • Web Tales. Part III: Content Issues
  • Issue 13, May 11, 1996
    • The Link Site Marketing Strategy
    • Gleanings from Spring Internet World 96 in San Jose
    • Web Tales. Part IV: The Medium Delivers the Message
  • Issue 14, May 25, 1996
    • Is Your Product a Good Candidate for Web Success?
    • Web Tales: Part 5--Opening Day
  • Issue 15, June 10, 1996
    • Should You Outsource Your Web Pages or Do Them Yourself?
    • Web Tales: Part 6--Our First Two Weeks in Webdom
  • Issue 16, June 22, 1996
    • Using Banner Ads to Promote Your Web Site
    • Involvement Devices in Web Marketing, by Charles J. Duff
  • Issue 17, July 13, 1996
    • Marketing via E-Mail Newsletters and Mailing Lists
    • Sidebar: Mailing List Software
    • Announcing the Web Marketing Forum
    • Frequently Asked Questions about Wilson Internet Services
  • Issue 18, July 27, 1996
    • Selling Products Directly on the Web


To help business people learn how to market their products and services more effectively by means of a Web site, and to provide on-going support, encouragement, and marketing ideas for our clients as well as small business Web marketers worldwide. While we will learn from large corporations on the Web, we will include marketing strategies which can be accomplished with the limited budgets typical of small businesses.


Dr. Ralph F. Wilson is director of Wilson Internet Services, which provides Web site design and consulting services. Wilson Internet Services seeks to meet an unfilled niche: to develop high-quality, modestly-priced Web sites for organizations and small business.

Dr. Wilson is the host of three Web sites. "Web Marketing Info Center" was recently acclaimed as one of the "Top Small Business Websites" on the Internet by Your Company Magazine. Another won Point Communication's coveted "Top 5% of Websites" recognition.

For five years he edited a national professional development newsletter in addition to serving as the editor of a professional journal of business abstracts. He is the author of more than 75 published articles in scientific, technical, marketing, and Internet fields, as well popular-level articles for inspiration and encouragement.

Examples of Topics to be Addressed

  • Developing a Web site which effectively market specific products and services
  • Examining the various types of Web sites: informational, direct sales, product support, etc.
  • Advertising the Web site
  • How to make money transactions with Internet customers
  • Selecting a business-oriented Internet Service Provider
  • The ins and outs of domain names
  • How to work with a Web page designer
  • Maintaining and updating your Web site
  • Web site security
  • When is it time to set up the Web site on your own computer?
  • Marketing through mailing lists and news groups
  • Understanding your on-line competition
  • Using forms for feedback and on-line purchases
  • Conducting customer surveys with your Web site
  • How much graphics is too much?
  • Audio and video enhancements
  • Dispensing free information to your customers
  • Using malls to increase your customer flow
  • How to register your Web site with Web search engines
  • How to write the 25-word paragraph which can make or break your Web site
  • Hosting a mailing list to enhance your business
  • Using contests and special events to increase customer flow
  • What is necessary to market products locally via the Internet?


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We hope you'll check us out, and, if you need a Web Site designer, call on our services. Thanks for visiting.

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