Minority Views:
Amendments Considered by the Full Committee on Resolutions

Individual Rights and Personal Safety

In this section, 33 amendments were agreed to, 6 were withdrawn and 9 were not accepted, as follows:

  1. Page 32, strike language in the second paragraph and insert:
    "The Republican party believes that Republicans are people of principle on each side of the abortion issue who firmly and intractably hold those beliefs; by establishing a party position, we recognize that a resolution will not change these beliefs, but will serve to divide the party on other issues; and urge all Republicans to firmly debate these beliefs and vote their consciences in the November referendum."

  2. Page 32, remove reference to "indoctrination in the classroom."

  3. Page 34 and 35, replace paragraph on abortion with the following:
    "The Republican Party welcomes individuals on each side of the abortion issue, encourages their open discussion, solicits their active participation in the Party, and respects their positions and beliefs."

  4. Page 34 and 35, replace paragraph on abortion with the following:
    "As Republicans, we share a reverence for life and a deep belief in the traditional nuclear family and in parents as the best provider to children of love, moral values, and the sense of duty and responsibility that all children need to become decent and responsible adults.

    "We are committed as a party and as individuals to significantly reducing the number of abortions in America.

    "We believe that the decline in abortions we seek will be far better achieved by persuasion of individuals to choose - as a matter of individual conscience - behavior that will not produce unwanted pregnancies, than by governmental mandate and invasion of privacy.

    "We believe that parents - fathers and mothers who provide their children with the love, guidance and direction they need - should be the major influence in shaping their child's character, values, and conduct through teaching that love, marriage, and pre-marital abstinence are the right, moral and responsible choices.

    "We believe that both men and women who do not practice abstinence, but are unwilling or unprepared to accept the heavy responsibility of parenthood, have the strongest moral obligation to take effective contraceptive measures to prevent pregnancy and thereby prevent circumstances that lead to abortions or alternatively, to the epidemic social pathology caused by tragic childhoods of abuse, neglect and fatherlessness.

    "We believe that the role of government is to reinforce the teachings of parents, not replace them. Government should encourage abstinence among youth and contraception among adults unprepared for the responsibility of parenthood. We should vigorously prosecute statutory rape, vigorously enforce payment of child support, reform welfare laws that reward irresponsible behavior, and otherwise create strong disincentives for irresponsible sexual behavior on the part of men and women.

    "For children who lack the love and guidance of a responsible parent in their lives, government should better promote adoption or encourage the influence of some other adult mentor in a child's life.

    "Upon all foregoing points we agree as Republicans, whether conscientiously pro-life or conscientiously pro-choice. As Republicans, we acknowledge and respect the honest convictions that divide us on the question of abortion. Unlike the Democratic Party, we will not censor members of our party who hold opposing views on this issue. We are a party confident enough in our beliefs to tolerate dissent.

    "And while differing on this issue, both pro-life and pro-choice Republicans are totally united in our belief that Bob Dole will provide the integrity, courage and leadership America needs to lead the free world into a 21st Century that will offer our children unparalleled individual freedom and opportunity if they meet the challenge of exercising personal responsibility."

  5. Page 32, toward the end of the second paragraph, after the words "who may hold differing positions" add "on issues such as abortion and capital punishment."

  6. Page 42, strike "it is time to revisit the Supreme Court's arbitrary decision of 1977 that protects even the most vicious rapists from the death penalty."

  7. Page 42, in the same sentence strike "arbitrary."

  8. Page 42, at the bottom insert:
    "Safety on college and university campuses was mandated by law, passed and signed byPresident Bush in 1990. Clinton's administration has refused to enforce the law, and crimes against students continue to increase at alarming rates. Without this enforcement, students will continue to suffer from unacceptably high rates of crime during their college careers. A Dole administration will assure maximum safety for our future leaders of this country by enforcing the 1990 Campus Security Act, and enacting the Open Police Campus Logs Act of 1995 so that crimes on campus can be detected and punished."

  9. Page 43, add to the second paragraph the word "domestic."


Page 32, strike language in the second paragraph and insert:
"As we approach the beginning of a new century, the Republican Party is more dedicated than ever to strengthening the social, cultural, and political ties that bind us together as a free people, the greatest force for good the world has ever seen. While the party remains steadfast in its commitment to advancing its historic principles and ideals, we also recognize that members of our Party have deeply-held and sometimes differing views on issues of personal conscience like abortion and capital punishment. We view this diversity of views as a source of strength, not as a sign of weakness, and we welcome into our ranks all Americans who may hold differing positions on these and other issues. Recognizing that tolerance is a virtue, we are committed to resolving our differences in a spirit of civility, hope, and mutual respect. As we struggle to forge a national consensus on the divisive issues of our time, we call on all Republicans and all Americans to reject the forces of hatred and bigotry."

Families and Society

In this section, 13 amendments were agreed to, 2 were withdrawn, 2 were not accepted, as follows:

  1. Page 56, in the third paragraph after the words "We call for an increased emphasis on prevention of diseases that threaten the lives of women," insert "in particular of cervical cancer as the sexually transmitted disease with the greatest impact on women, and of induced abortion as the single most avoidable known risk factor for breast cancer."

  2. Page 59, at the top insert:
    "We support a small business renaissance in our inner cities. We call upon city governments to cut taxes and eliminate burdensome regulations to unleash the spirit of enterprise and entrepreneurship."

Restoring American World Leadership

In this section, 9 amendments were agreed to, 1 was not accepted:

  1. Page 81, add the following new paragraph: " Because we believe in treating tyrannies differently than other governments, we favor denying most favored nation privileges to regimes that practice religious persecution or coercive abortion or that engage in slave labor."

A Cleaner, Safer, Healthier America

In this section, 8 amendments were agreed to, 1 was withdrawn.

Changing Washington From the Ground Up

In this section, 7 amendments were agreed to.

Building a Better America

In this section, 3 amendments were agreed to.

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