Images of Gordon's Life

Gordon during his Day Dream days, 1994.
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Debbie Prier, a friend of Gordon's from his Day Dream days in Indianapolis, sent this
wonderful remembrance:

Gordon was not only a very special friend of mine, he was a unique and truly special person who had a heart of gold.

I met Gordon at Day Dream. When he began working for Day Dream, he was located in Virginia. At the time, I was the receptionist so I spoke with him daily. Though we only spoke briefly on the phone, he always had a way of adding sunshine to my days. One day one of our VP's in Indy took a trip to the Virginia office. I asked him to be sure he met up with Gordon to find out what he was "all about". When he returned he said, "Gordon is a cross between Jerry Garcia and Thomas Jefferson". I figured the VP was just pulling my leg. Sometime later Gordon moved to the Indy office. The moment I heard his voice, I knew Gordon (whom I'd still never met) was standing right behind me. When I turned around, sure enough, there stood Gordon Hake - looking like a cross between Jerry Garcia and Thomas Jefferson. Gordon always got a kick out of that description.

Speaking of Jerry Garcia, I have Gordon to thank for turning me on the the Grateful Dead. He took me to the Indy and Chicago shows of what turned out to be their last concert tour. It really meant alot to me to "share" a Dead experience with Gordon. I know how very much he loved and appreciated their music and everything they stood for. The memories of those concerts are among many that I will treasure forever.

Then, there was the Halloween contest at Day Dream in which Gordon (a Sales Manager) walked into the office all decked out in a suit, with his hair tied back in the usual ponytail (however this time it was tucked into his collar). When asked what he was "supposed to be", he replied "a businessman". Maybe you had to be there to appreciate the humor we found in that, but the thought always makes me smile.

Bruce, as I'm sure you will agree, I could go on forever sharing my memories of Gordon. I consider myself blessed being lucky enough to have befriended him. There sure are not enough people like him in this world. I regret that my friendship with him was cut short, however I will forever treasure each and every moment of our friendship.

Gordon was a very, very special friend who will truly be missed, however, never forgotten.

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